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Global Home USA Warranty

You never know when something may break or malfunction; it's one of life's unpleasant surprises. Purchasing a Global Home USA home warranty is your key to freedom from the hassles that come from unexpected repairs.


Enhanced Marketing Solutions

Enhanced Marketing Solutions® (EMS) was built from the ground up to deliver these critical, innovative marketing solutions. As the wholly-owned marketing services firm of United Real Estate Group, our team of tenured professionals have the talent and skill set of a global advertising agency and the deep industry expertise of a 95+ year old real estate company. EMS is your full-service team of real estate marketing professionals implementing campaigns around the world. Through a dedicated process and suite of solutions, our team builds momentum for your projects and helps you stand out in the marketplace. With a nationally recognized team of professionals in your corner, we will help you achieve your marketing goals.

United Referral Network

United Relocation & Referral Network | 713-965-7165 | Kansas City, MO

Whether you have a client moving out of the area or you receive a referral seeking out a specialty property type; situations arise that require you to pass on quality referrals. Traditionally, that would be dollars lost but through the power of technology, the United Relocation & Referral Network is able to provide a system that connects Agents across the globe with varying backgrounds and specializations, right at your fingertips. If you have a quality referral to pass along, or are an Agent receiving a referral, this network allows you to work together for the financial gain of both parties.

Strategic Client Services

United | Strategic Client Services

United | Strategic Client Services (SCS) offers extraordinary marketing expertise and services for distinctive properties around the world. Our expertise in positioning, marketing, brokering and auctioning properties covers all property types from investment, agricultural, and development land to luxury residences and commercial properties. As the seller, you and your property deserve the attention of a team of seasoned professionals and a process that allows you to have visibility from start to finish…SCS is uniquely positioned to deliver both.

United PRD

United PRD International

With over 9,000 agents worldwide and over 600 offices spanning 10 countries, United PRD is your principal resource for a fully-integrated affiliate network of conventional and auction real estate experts. Discover the worldwide possibilities with United PRD International Real Estate Network. It’s a “small world” with United PRD…time to think big.

Upgrade your real estate career

with United Real Estate

Bullseye+ powers your success and assists by providing an incredible user experience for your current and future clients.

In our digital era, customers have many choices for selling and purchasing property, and their expectations for your availability and responsiveness are higher than ever. The industry is hyper-competitive, with talented Agents working hard to land accounts and close the deal. You need to keep your focus on your customers and work as efficiently as possible with the support of a consolidated platform to simplify your work.

Traditionally, as an Agent you have used a number of tools to do your work: mobile phones, laptop and desktop computers, contact management software, spreadsheets, call records on paper and in digital form and documents in print, online or stored on a hard drive. Some of us still use sticky notes and notepads to track important tasks and details. At one time or another, each of these tools have been helpful. Today, managing and remembering what information is stored where can be a distracting, unproductive chore. To improve time management and help achieve your professional goals, we created Bullseye+, a consolidated productivity platform where you can manage your contacts, activities, receive training and support, launch and optimize your personal website and more.