Written by United Real Estate ON October 07, 2020

United Real Estate announced that in Q3, the company realized a 603% growth in consumer traffic following a successful integration between their proprietary technology, Bullseye™, and VideoFizz. United Real Estate is one of the nation’s fastest growing real estate organizations and a division of United Real Estate Group.


Prior to the onset of COVID-19, the companies had been working on an exclusive licensing arrangement that allowed the auto-generation of property listing videos. The partnership leveraged VideoFizz’s video compilation software platform plus, United Real Estate’s Bullseye™ proprietary software and 1.8+ million property listing warehouse. This integration ensured a virtual tour “Fizz” would automatically generate for each and every listing. Agents then have the option of customizing these listing videos, sharing them to social media, emailing or texting them to interested buyers.


“Since our launch, over 25,000 automatically generated virtual tour fizzes have resulted in 1.6 million video views - not including the distribution through social media,” expressed Dave Dickey, CTO for United Real Estate. “The seamless integration into our proprietary Bullseye™ listing data warehouse allows us to provide the agents a way to quickly expose listings to the market in an automated fashion. These efficiencies save our agents time and allow them to immediately make a market impact for their sellers.” In addition to the automatically generated virtual tours, agents can create general marketing videos, announce price changes, promote open house events, or personalized videos congratulating their buyers/sellers. United has seen another 311,000 views from these agent created videos.


“It is abundantly clear that the key to increased agent engagement is providing a video that’s ready to be customized, rather than expecting an agent build these marketing assets on their own from scratch. Removing the heavy lifting means not only is this simple and quick, but clearly creates a quantifiable impact on an agent’s business and client relationships. We continue to innovate with new features and look forward to growing our relationship with United” said Laura Steward, CEO and Founder of VideoFizz.


To supplement the program even further, VideoFizz created lead generation capabilities for the auto-generated virtual tours. Yard signs link to the virtual tour videos using a URL customizable for each agent. This makes it easy for drive-by consumers to access a 24/7 virtual “open house” and interested buyers to contact the agent with a single click of a button. Within weeks of the launch at this year’s United convention, the pandemic forced a halt to all in-person tours increasing the importance, benefits and immediate applicability of the partnership.


“Video is six times more engaging than images which are four times more engaging than the written word," said Dan Duffy, CEO for United Real Estate. "We view our relationship with VideoFizz as core and strategic and have only begun to fully leverage its power to the benefit of our agents and their buying and selling clients. It allows us to differentiate ourselves with the ease of creation of video content and our proprietary auto generation functionality that is now native to our proprietary technology platform, Bullseye™. We will never stop innovating and will continue to play the Infinite Game ensuring we are delivering on our mission to change the financial trajectory of our agents and brokers’ lives as we improve the ease of discovering properties for sale for real estate buyers.”


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United Real Estate – a division of United Real Estate Group – was founded with the purpose of offering solutions to the challenges facing agents in the residential real estate brokerage industry. Providing the latest training, marketing and technology tools to both agents and brokers under a 100-percent commission strategy, United Real Estate makes it more profitable for an agent to sell real estate and for real estate brokers to leverage a complete system including its proprietary Bullseye™ technology platform to drive improved outcomes for our affiliated agents and brokers. United Real Estate has locations in 23 states with more than 85 offices and over 5,500 agents. 

About VideoFizz

VideoFizz is an award-winning technology platform that Designed to bring everyone comfortably along into the technology era, their flagship mobile app makes it easy to create custom video montages set to music. This TechWeek award winning platform is used by businesses to create custom marketing content shareable in seconds and consumers use the app to create amazing multiple person video greetings to celebrate any special occasion.