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Your personal, online presence in the world of real estate

Build your own brand

Agent Websites Home Page Example- http://www.bullseyeagentwebsites.com/WaelAbdel-Hakim/index.html Agent Websites Home Page Example

Personalize your website to showcase your expertise and approach to serving customers. You can add videos, images, pages, calculators, and social-media feeds to the site, and customize searches. None of this is hard to do, and the support team can render assistance if you need it.

Capturing leads, enabling contact.

Agent Websites Home Page Example- http://www.bullseyeagentwebsites.com/WaelAbdel-Hakim/index.html Agent Websites Contact Page Example

Whenever appropriate, the pages on your site will display a pop-up form where potential customers can register when they want to work with you to sell their house. Your website automatically tracks visitors’ contact details and preferences for property they seek when they use the on-screen form to register them. As soon as somebody indicates interest and completes a contact form, you receive a text message with the most important details, and the new contact becomes part of your CRM records.

Easy customization

Agent Websites Drag & Drop Backend tool Agent Websites Backend tool Example

Managing your own custom site takes very little time and effort. Wizards help you, for example, add content by a simple drag-and-drop step, configure additional pages, or adjust the site’s appearance with your own images or by using any of the more than 300 image files we provide. The wizards also provide more search options that you can use to define a variety of property searches and make them available to site visitors

Enhanced SEO

Agent Websites Home Page Example- http://ucdustinray.com/ Agent Websites Visitors Statistics

If you would like to benefit from search engine optimization (SEO), you can optimize your site for best results. You can use effective key words in the URL, page titles, page content, meta data, and meta descriptions. You can adjust the settings for email responses and website parameters such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, and add more domains. A statistical and graphical report shows you how many visitors came to your site, what they searched for, and which listings they viewed.

Grow your business and build a multi-location website

United Real Estate enhances your personal online presence in the world of real estate.

Multiple MLS Support

Office Website Home Page Example Office Website Home Page Example - IDX
  • Totally Customizable
  • Flexible
  • Show MLS
  • Add custom content
  • Free content edits
  • Fully Mobile
  • SEO optimized
  • Fully integrated with backend
  • Each listing optimized

Advanced Search Capabilities.

  • Multiple locations
  • Leads come to office
  • Custom searches
  • Property type searches
  • Fully Mobile
Office Websites Search by County Map Office Websites Search by County Map

Ensuring visibility and transparence.

Office Websites Listing Details Page Example Office Websites Listing Details Page Example
  • Large Imagery
  • Mapping Capabilities
  • School Information

United Real Estate National Website

Exposes your properties to Millions of users.

United Real Estate National Website

United Real Estate Website United Real Estate Website
  • Exclusive Properties
  • Fully Responsive Website
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Highly ranked
  • Fully Mobile
  • SEO optimized
  • Each listing optimized

United Real Estate Search by MLS#, Search by City, Search by ZipCode, Search by County

Property Search Search
  • Search by Keywords (Smart Search)
  • Search by Specialty Property Group
  • Search by Map
  • Search by U.S. Counties

SEO Friendly Listing Details Page

  • Unique SEO Friendly URLs
  • Full Screen High Quality Imagery
Details Page Details Page

Nation Wide Offices

Office Search Office Search

With United Real Estate, you get a powerful, SEO Friendly, recruiting website.

With your Bullseye+ account, you get a powerful, customizable website for the low cost of $20/month. Similar websites can cost between $50 - $100/month.

Unique Agent Recruiting website

Join Sites Join Sites

Personalize your website to showcase your expertise and approach to serving customers. You can add videos, images, pages, calculators, and social-media feeds to the site, and customize searches. None of this is hard to do, and the support team can render assistance if you need it.

Simplify the Way Your Business Manages Real Estate Transactions

Dashboard (Admin) Dashboard (Admin)

Paperless Pipeline is simple transaction management software for real estate brokers and brokerages. It's designed to help admins manage transactions and built to keep real estate agents happy and selling.

No more lost paperwork. Review documents on-time, every time.
No more per-user cost. Pay only for new transactions added each month.
No more frustration. Give admins and agents access only to what they need.

Dashboard (Agent) Dashboard (Agent) Profile Profile Transactions Transactions Reports Reports

Enhanced Marketing Solutions

Enhanced Marketing Solutions® (EMS) was built from the ground up to deliver these critical, innovative marketing solutions. As the wholly-owned marketing services firm of United Country Real Estate and United Real Estate, our team of tenured professionals have the talent of a global advertising agency and the deep industry expertise of an 85+ year old real estate company. EMS is your full-service team of real estate marketing professionals implementing campaigns around the world. Through our suite of soultions our team builds momentum for your projects and helps get them sold. With a proven process and nationally recognized team of professionals in your corner, we will help you exceed your marketing goals.

United Referral Network

United Referral Network

Whether you have a client that moves out of the area or you receive a referral that’s seeking out a specialty property; situations arise that require you to pass on quality referrals. Traditionally, that would be dollars lost. But through the power of technology, United Referral Network is able to provide a system to connect agents across the globe with varying backgrounds and specializations, right at your fingertips. If you have a quality referral to pass along, or are an agent receiving a referral, this network allows you to work together for the financial gain of both parties.

Strategic Client Services

Strategic Client Services

Strategic Client Services - SCS offers extraordinary marketing expertise and services for distinctive properties around the world. Our expertise in positioning, marketing, brokering and auctioning properties covers all property types from investment, agricultural, and development land to luxury residences and commercial properties. As the seller, you and your property deserve the attention of a team of seasoned professionals and a process that allows you to have visibility from start to finish…SCS is uniquely positioned to deliver both.

United PRD

United PRD International

With over 6,000 agents worldwide and over 600 offices spanning 10 countries, United PRD is your principal resource for a fully-integrated affiliate network of conventional and auction real estate experts. Discover the worldwide possibilities with United PRD International Real Estate Network. It’s a “small world” with United PRD…time to think big.


Global Home USA Warranty

You never know when something may break or malfunction; it's one of life's unpleasant surprises. Purchasing a Global Home USA warranty is your key to freedom from the hassles that come from unexpected repairs.

Contact Management

Connecting customers and properties.

Contact Management Contact Management

CRM integrates with the United Country listing warehouse and your website. From CRM in Bullseye+, you can research properties in the solution’s Listing Warehouse and send notes to your contacts or contact groups when listings might be of interest to them.

Through your website, your CRM leads and prospects can set up a tracking function so they hear about interesting properties as soon as they come on the market. Alternatively, they can simply wait for the CRM property tracking function to alert them automatically when an interesting new property becomes available.

Easily add and edit your contacts.

Edit Contacts Edit Contacts

With Bullseye, it's easy to stay on top of your leads by giving you tools you need for a better control.

Merge and eliminate duplicate contacts.

Duplicate Contacts Duplicate Contacts

With Bullseye, it's easy to stay on top of your leads by giving you tools you need for a better control.


Groups Groups

You can organize your contacts into private groups that fit the way you like to work.


Import/Export Import/Export

If you have any contacts in Excel, you can easily import them into Bullseye+ CRM from a CSV file.

Lead Management

Simple, lifecycle contact management

Lead Management Lead Management

When somebody makes an inquiry regarding a listing on your own or your office’s website, the information is stored in Bullseye+ as a new lead.

You receive an email and a text message with the lead details, and you always have mobile access to your leads. The new lead becomes one of your contacts.

Live Chat

Bullseye+ Support: We're here to help !

Live Chat Live Chat

Live agent support ensures that the tool runs at the best possible performance.

Helpdesk pros who know you. In any Bullseye+ screen, you can click on the chat icon to contact somebody who can help you with a technical problem.

In the background, we keep tabs on our performance, so we can become more effective and offer assistance from the support professionals who best understand your situation.

The support team will send you notifications when new capabilities or other updates become available.

Chat support is available throughout the working week, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. central time.

Even in off hours, we keep tabs on the chat utility in case of an emergency.

Intranet & Program Information

Find anything, fast.

Find anything, fast Find anything, fast

Simple efficiency starts with the home page.

The search box on top lets you enter any keyword to find the materials you want.

Themed areas below provide quick access to training, tools, and sales and marketing resources.

This content repository is available round the clock.


Weekly live training.

Weekly live training Weekly live training

Anytime, relevant learning.
Live training webinars provide a productive, professional learning experience. You can chat and interact with trainers and your peers.

Check in regularly, because we always add to the schedule.

On demand video channel.

On demand video channel On demand video channel

Webinar recordings remain accessible in the archive after the event.

Requests from agents drive much of the programming, and we also provide training content when we see emerging industry or competitive trends.

You can also hone your real estate skills with many videos and articles that give you advanced insight and a broadened perspective.


One Login is all you need.
You get to Bullseye+ from any computer that has Chrome.
There’s no software to install. It is available on all devices with an internet connection.

Virtual Postcard

Virtual Postcard Virtual Postcard

Marketing planning to grow your business. In Bullseye+ CRM, you can go beyond the day-to-day management of leads and contacts by creating your own marketing and client communications plan and putting it into action. You can build a plan and develop the needed materials from scratch, or draw on the prebuilt plans and templates which are ready for use.

Virtual Postcard Virtual Postcard

Property Tracker

Saved Search Saved Search

Our internal property tracker allows agents to set search filters that will trigger emails to be automatically sent to potential buyers when new listings matching their criteria become available.

Additionally, leads can sign up on agent websites and set their own criteria.

Client Marketing Plans

Client Marketing Plans Client Marketing Plans

Bullseye+ has prebuilt client marketing plans. An agent can create their own plans either from scratch or by copying one of the available plans.

Upgrade your real estate career

with United Real Estate

Bullseye+ powers your success and lets you take care of customers

In our digital era, customers have many choices for selling and purchasing property, and their expectations for your availability and responsiveness are higher than ever. The industry is hyper-competitive, with talented agents doing their best to land accounts and close business with them before anybody else can. You need to keep your focus on your customers and work as efficiently as possible. A consolidated platform to simplify your work.
Traditionally, real estate agents have used a number of tools to do their work: mobile phones, laptop and desktop computers, contact management software, spreadsheets, call records on paper and in digital form, and documents in print, online, or stored somewhere on a hard drive. Some of us still use stickers and notepads to track important tasks and details. At one time or another, each of these instruments may have been helpful, but today, managing all of them and remembering what information is stored where can be a distracting, unproductive chore. To make your life easier and help you achieve your professional goals, we created Bullseye+, a consolidated resource where you can manage your contacts and activities, receive training and support, launch and optimize your website, and more.